Fox News Lets Candace Owens & Friends Shamelessly Lie About Ocasio-Cortez


so this week Fox News decided to rehash the whole Acacio Cortez / Ben Shapiro debate kerfuffle and this time they brought on a number of conservative women who have now challenged Ocasio Cortes to a debate and the Fox News host decided to allow each of them to take turns shit-talking Ocasio court says but before we get to the actual segment itself and discuss the substance I can't not mention how they set up this segment because look at the graphic that they used to open this segment when talking about Ocasio Cortes Democratic darling Alexandria occasio Cortes has no problem touting her free-for-all socialist agenda to liberal outlets but when ben shapiro offered her $10,000 to debate she accused him of catcalling and refused so what's her excuse now now that conservative women are challenging her to the debate it's almost as if Fox News has an agenda or something now look for the supposedly self-proclaimed fair and balanced network I'm fine with them using that segment but they still want to purport that they are in fact fair and balanced then they should probably use this to open with any segments where they discuss our war criminal President Donald Trump now what's funny is that if any other network used that graphic to discuss Donald Trump it'd probably be Fox News that would be the first to call out the bias but when they are brazenly biased and they show dollars raining down over okay's record as its picture then you know it's no problem but getting to the actual substance itself of the actual clip to kind of get you caught up occasional courts has refused to debate ben shapiro last week and on twitter she likened his offer to catcalling so because her refusal to debate him was seemingly premise thanh gender well the underlying implication of this clip is well look alexandria you have three conservative women who are more than willing to debate you who have challenged you to a debate what's your Excuse now if you can't hide behind gender so that's the overall implication and one by one each of these women discuss why they think Ocasio Cortez doesn't want to debate them and this is how that wins yes I'll start with you because you were offering her a hundred thousand dollars to a charity of her choice thanks to people who have contributed to Turning Point USA did you ever hear from her I did not hear from her and this is not the first time that she's declined to debate me she ignored a TV station which came forward and said that they would actually sponsor a conversation between the two of us and I think that this indicates that she doesn't understand the platform upon which she stands for it would make sense for her to want to come forward and defend her ideas but of course her ideas do not make sense beyond on the paper the utopian concepts that she preaches so it's unfortunate but I'm not surprised whatsoever Chaya I know you asked her to debate her you put on Twitter can I please debate you did you ever hear from her not a penny not a word and you know I want her to debate a politican you know political on is gonna be an open platform very non bias so I was hoping that she would have responded but nothing why do you think she didn't uh I think she's scared to debate I think that's the thing the socialistic platform of the regime that she's thinking to bring into the American platform is just I don't think she knows what she really is gonna debate about I think she's confused even you know some of the things she has said she's not even sure about Nancy Pelosi which is part of her team alia Beth you you did that mock video of her knew her hip-hip for it why don't you think she's responding to you exactly well first of all let's make something clear she didn't deny bench perros offered to debate based on sexism she didn't it based on fear and the ironic thing is is that when I released that satirical interview just a couple weeks ago she responded by accusing Republicans of being scared of her while considering that she has ignored or denied all requests from conservative men and women to have a conversation about the pros and cons of socialism I would say that it's not us that is scared of her it is she that is scared of us now embedded in everything that they said was this condescending undertone that they're smarter than Ocasio Cortez and the reason why Ocasio cortez doesn't want to debate them is because she just can't possibly compete with their intellects and specifically this is what Candice said she implied that Ocasio Cortes was a dingbat by saying she doesn't understand the platform upon which she stands for him well neither do you if you want to pretend to be this intellect Candace then maybe you should actually memorize the talking points that your right-wing funders have given to you a vast majority 87% of scientists said that human activity is driving global warming yet only half the American public public ascribed to that view so what website 87% and this is Scientific American yeah yeah calm though like guess I thought that means it's it's making money I don't trust that if it was a dork I would probably take that but that this is just a random website and Scientific American is not necessarily a random website yeah I don't I don't believe this like at all just so you know you don't believe it like oh well since you couldn't perfectly recite the right wing talking points on climate change that right-wing oligarchs like Dennis Prager gave to you maybe you don't understand the platform that you stand for as well Candace but of course it's only oak eyes from Cortez that's in the wrong here and they're in the right and really I think that these are all opportunistic individuals who are trying to use Ocasio courts as because she's very famous to boost their own careers now another thing that Candice said which was which was pretty dim-witted to be frank not to be a dick but it was pretty dim-witted she states her ideas do not make sense beyond on the paper the utopian concepts that she preaches utopian concepts that Alexandria Ocasio quartz has breeches okay let's look at these quote utopian concepts here she stands for Medicare for all Wow what a crazy fucking utopian idea it's not like every other modern industrialized country has some form of a health care guarantee but I mean to Candice Owens this is a utopian idea yeah of course if you only live in a world where the United States is the only country in existence and you don't acknowledge other countries and what they're doing sure maybe it's Yuto but let's look at some of the other utopian ideas that okay acquaintances are talking about we see solidarity with Puerto Rico supporting women's rights and LGBTQ equality I mean Wow supporting seniors these are all such crazy ideas I don't know how old cause you're Cortez can possibly defend them because they're so utopian I mean do you understand how naive you sound you sound like someone who's completely ignorant to the world if you just look north to our neighbors in Canada guess what they have a lot of these utopian ideas in fact if you just have some introspection and look within the United States you'll see that we have policies designed to support seniors and women and LGBTQ Americans now certainly we could be doing more for all of these communities but these are not utopian ideas and it's really interesting that when she talks about Ocasio Cortes is supposedly utopian ideas she never mentions specific policy and that's on purpose it's because they're not utopian and if she actually did cite occasional Cortez's policy positions then obviously people would think that she's dumb for saying that they're utopian but let's get to the other girl she states the socialistic platform of the regime that Ocasio Cortez is thinking to bring into the mirror the American platform is just I don't think she knows what she really is gonna debate about I think she is confused even confused now this was this girl right here I don't know who that is I've never heard of her or seen her before but she's calling Ocasio Kretz has confused and given the word salad that she just made it seems like maybe she's confused and understand what she said here she used a really unique term the regime that oh Kaiser Cortez is trying to bring to the u.s. she's implying that Ocasio Cortez here at least given what I can extrapolate from that word salad she dismayed is that okay sir Cortez wants regime change is that honestly what you're trying to contend right now that she's advocating for regime change seriously well either you're confused or you're just lying and I think that it's a little both because obviously that's factually incorrect of course Ocasio quits as is not advocating for Jeane change that's insane now again I don't want a straw man what she's saying because it was very difficult to figure out what she was talking about because what she was saying well it implied that maybe she was confused but if you're honestly trying to contend that Ocasio quartz has once regime change you're just stupid you're not qualified to debate any one about politics and in fact you should probably just get out of politics because if you think anyone on the left is actually advocating for a regime change I don't I don't know what to tell you you're just stupid you're just dumb now finally we get to Allie Stuckey and like the rest of them she suggested that Ocasio Cortez probably doesn't want to debate her because she's she's pretty terrified actually but you see the difference between the debate that you want to have with her in the debate she actually attended before is that she debated her opponent Joe Crowley and she actually crushed him but you see the difference here is that she's not gonna take time out of her day during a campaign to debate these conservative nobodies who nobody knows with the exception of candice owens probably and when she talks about republicans being scared of her she's suggesting that they're afraid of her specifically because of the policy ideas she's espousing that are overwhelmingly popular she's not saying that the reason why conservatives are afraid of her is because they don't want to debate her Ocasio courts has never even invoked the word debate when she says that republicans are afraid of her she's saying that her ideas are popular and if she's elected to Congress and she brings these ideas to Congress and they get a national platform Republicans simply don't know how to argue against them they don't have an idea or a policy equivalent that can compete because oh gosh your court says just has policies that are more popular that's a fact it has nothing to do with debates and really if Fox News truly believed that any political pundit was entitled to a debate with a politician then why aren't they defending Jane ugar who challenged Ted Cruz to a debate and really if any of these opportunists wanted to debate a left winger David Pakman has graciously offered to debate any one of them Candace Owens and Charlie they jumped in and they said hey we can get even more money together if she'll do it or saying that they'd debate her and again I ended up in the middle of this on Twitter I said listen I'll debate any of these people nobody has to pay anybody right hundreds of people saying let let's do that Ben please debate David or Candice please debate David not a peep from any of them and you know what they don't owe me a response I'd be up for the debates but they don't owe me a response well Ben Ben Shapiro has been on for an interview and the topic of gun control although it has been some time since then and then we heard from one of Charlie Kirk's publicist – about young him on but that kind of fizzled out yes it evaporated into thin air sort of like Donald Trump's foreign policy plan or whatever analogy you want to make so they don't want to debate and really if they do want to debate it's only to boost their own name recognition because these are opportunists they don't care about furthering political dialogue they don't care about the issues they just want to boost their own careers that's why all Kaiser Cortez isn't gonna debate them because one it wouldn't be hoof her during a campaign to stop and debate some nobody and – because that wouldn't actually serve her it wouldn't serve her political agenda as a politician and furthermore the problem is that when you debate right-wingers and all you're allowing them to control the terms of the debate at least to a certain extent so while people like Ocasio Cortes want to debate policy ideas while right-wing smear merchants would prefer to reframe the debate and talk about the fundamentals of socialism and capitalism as opposed to actual policy specifics and I'm not saying that these debates aren't entertaining because I would certainly watch a debate between Ocasio Cortes and any one of these right-wingers or David Pakman and any of these right-wingers but the point is that the reason why it wouldn't be who've a politician like Ocasio Cortes to debate them is because you're allowing them to change the conversation and to distract from the policy specifics that you're talking about but I do want to kind of give you an example as to how they try to reframe the debate because while cause you're Cortez is talking about specific policies like Medicare for all a federal jobs guarantee well they change it to a discussion about socialism versus capitalism let's look at this poll this is a Gallup poll the Democrats view social more positive positively than they do capitalism unbelievable look at those numbers 57% of the Democrats that were polled they said they liked socialism 47% said they liked capitalism those numbers have changed in 2016 more DIMMs liked the liked the idea of capitalism than socialism it's changed by nine points why this change is it because of of people like Alexandria okay ZF Cortez I'll start with you Candace I actually think it's because of the Democrats and their aggressive rhetoric and response to Trump winning the presidential election they're going to have to contend with this the more moderate Democrats which i think is what Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters waters actually are have been using aggressive rhetoric accusing everybody of sexism and of racism of what has been born of this aggressive rhetoric is this extreme left platform which wants to create a utopian society you took me in society which believes that money can grow on trees which of course we know it can't socialism has killed 100 million people in the last 100 years so first of all I'm someone who has maintained that we should probably not focus on the isms because when you try to convince Americans that a particular ism or political ideology or philosophy is best for them well you're inevitably going to muddy the waters that's a lot more difficult to sell someone on than just talking about policies that will have a tangible impact on their lives like Medicare for also I don't even like the way that they framed this but when it comes to the favorability of socialism increasing among Democratic Party voters this is what Candis Owens thinks is behind the increasing popularity of socialism quote I actually think it's because of the Democrats and their aggressive rhetoric in response to Trump winning the presidential election what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard that doesn't even make sense the Democratic Party's aggressive rhetoric is driving support for socialism what I don't see how that's correlated at all in fact the Democratic Party leader like Nancy Pelosi they've unequivocally stated that they're not socialists and in fact they're capitalists so I don't I don't understand why she thinks that rhetoric in any way shape or form with regard to Donald Trump is driving support for socialism but maybe the reason why slowly but surely people are starting to turn away from capitalism is because capitalism is a killer it's failed them the top one percent controls 39 percent of our country's wealth workers wages are stagnant while oligarchs like Jeff Bezos are worth a hundred and fifty billion dollars people are dying and having to resort to GoFundMe in order to pay for health care while these health insurance companies are making record profits capitalism has even creeped into our democratic process I mean look at Citizens United and what type of political landscape that created I mean those with the most money literally now influence policy outcomes while average Americans have absolutely no say when it comes to policies with majority support like Medicare for all and if federal jobs guarantee and really without allowing them to reframe the discussion let's really get to brass tacks when it comes to what Ocasio Cortes is talking about all she's opting for is not regime change contrary to what they're trying to imply here all she's saying is hey guess what maybe it's the case that we should try to adopt more social oriented policies like Scandinavia that's it that's all that she's advocating for but what do they call advocacy for more public programs like we see in Scandinavia well Candace Owens at least characterizes that argument as her wanting to create quote a utopian society which believes money can grow on trees well Candace in a capitalist society with the war economy it seems like money does in fact grow on trees when it comes to things like war and death and destruction so if money can grow on trees for war why can't we find money for things that actually help the American people why is this such an absurd idea that our tax dollars actually benefit us and not just benefit defense contractors within the military-industrial complex but speaking of death and destruction this is what Candis Owen says about socialism quote socialism killed 100 million lives in the last 100 years but obviously that is such a misleading statement because Ocasio Cortez and everyone else on the left is not advocating for authoritarian socialism because all authoritarian regimes socialists are not kill lots and lots of people it's why nobody on the Left is advocating for that nobody on the left is advocating for authoritarianism you lying smear merchants but if she really wants to be fair and balanced why won't Candis Owens look up the number of deaths that result from capitalism how many people die every year due to a lack of health insurance how many people die every year as a result of our unnecessary offensive Wars of course kandace Owens that doesn't want to look into the deaths caused by capitalism because that would defeat her argument she's not she's not interested in having a nuanced conversation about the fundamentals of socialism and capitalism she has an agenda she's paid to have an agenda she was hired by charlie kirk to have this agenda and promote this agenda so it's not about having a conversation that's authentic and genuine about policy and in this next clip here they kind of stop with the disingenuous and you endow an implication and they just start outright lying about Ocasio cortez i think they think it's okay because they look at Canada and they see it works for their you know Canada has GST PST tax this is how they can find all of their money growing on trees ideas but it's not free with every dime you spend in Canada you're actually paying for all of those things lest we forget these ideas of socialism is very ante with the foundation of America is about and very antsy the platform that President Trump ran on their sole goal is to get rid of our military get rid of our police and they're feeding rhetoric to the American people feeling an internal war which is very scary so I was actually surprised because she's correct in saying that we do draw inspiration from Canada we get policy ideas from Canada because when you look at some of the policies that our neighbors have implemented they're working wonderfully and Canadians love them but she wasn't willing to argue on that point for very long because she just straight-up resorted to lying she said their sole goal is to get rid of our military get rid of our police and they're feeding rhetoric to the American people fueling an internal war which is very scary ah so there's the fear-mongering we were expecting they're fueling an internal war now I don't know what she means about that is she trying to insinuate that we're trying to create some type of civil war because obviously that's not what we're looking for in saying that we want to get rid of the military maybe she's pointing to those of us who think that we should cut military spending because we're spending a lot of money on the military what is it like fifty sixty percent of our discretionary budget goes to military cutting that it's not extreme it's just reasonable and in saying that we want to get rid of police maybe she's pointing to people who are advocating for the abolition of ice and just extrapolating from that but of course we're not advocating to get rid of the military or the police and see they have to lie because if they don't lie then they can't win this debate or argument which is why they want to debate Ocasio court says because they're not trying to debate her again on the merits of her argument they're gonna insert their own argument for a cosmetic or test they're gonna speak for her they're gonna strum a nerve and argue based on the strummin that they've created so I mean when I see this when I see the way that they condescendingly imply that Ocasio Cortez is dumb and is uh is in favor of all these absurd policies or regime change that's why she doesn't want to debate any of you even even if you give her a good reason to debate you even if it would benefit her that's why she won't debate you because you're clowns you're liars your smear merchants that's what you do so that's why people on the left like Ocasio Cortes won't debate you but when it comes to people like David Pakman or Jenga girl you don't want to debate them you only want to debate people that help your career because again these are not individuals who are honest actors they're not interested in having a genuine debate about ideas again they're just gonna lie and straw man and fear monger about all of her policy positions I mean in this short segment it's what under five minutes I think they implied that she wants regime change in the United States that she wants to get rid of the military entirely that she wants to get rid of police I mean what else did they say that she is maybe in favor of fueling an internal war she wants to cause a civil war I mean these these are lunatics this is just shameful it's right-wing propaganda I don't know how they sleep at night given how much they lie about their political opponents and it really shows just how weak their own political ideology is because they have to make shit up about what we believe in Oh chi-su Cortese believes and it's just pathetic these are individuals who are completely pathetic and they should be ashamed of themselves of course Oh Kaiser Cortez doesn't want to debate you nobody should want to debate you because if we debate you that implies that we take you seriously when we don't support this podcast by becoming a patron at forward slash humanist Report


  1. its bizarre that 4 intelligent women waste time talking about a lyng and deceitful bartender come congressman…. Cortez is a brain dead twit….. a canniving fool who has never spent a night in the bronx yet alone grew up there. LOL

  2. What is funny is how this beta male pivots from women challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her insane claims and her declining ( mostly because it isnt even socialism, its communism with government controlling all means of life) to President Trump. First off he isnt a war criminal and the "intelligence" officials were no longer employed by government and publicly making false statements about the Presidents actions while inciting violence against law enforcement and conservatives. Ocasio Cortez es un mentiroso y ladrón

  3. They ideas sound great but how do you fund them? Yeah canada can offer a few but how much backing from usa does canada recieve and how much funding or aid would usa be able to upkeep if all these ideas were switched on? I guess that would be another thing for the left to moan about.
    Im not left or right btw i am just against both far left and far right. Surely being in the middle is the goal? Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. the segment you've shown at 5:20… those are not even climate scientists… just all kinds of scientists… (maybe they are somewhat better informed and a little bit less easy to manipulate then gen pop…)
    but… and it's a big but… for instance if you have a terrible tummy ache… and your tummy is all hardened… you are about to faint… you make a choice: you call the people who are professional tummy ache specialists… or you may possibly die… trying to hang with people who for instance say: "tummy ache is a hoax, you should just relax, and take this very special red pill" (people, and bots are offering me red pills left and right) that will supposedly free your mind etc.

  5. guaranteed healthcare, housing, jobs, etc…of course that is utopian, add open borders and you got utopian chaos, or as I like to call it, "open border socialism", which is beyond utopian, it is pure foolishness

  6. To be fair, Shapiro is a very experienced and effective debater. She is very, VERY new at this. It would not be a fair fight and that's what they are counting on. Give her a couple years experience and it will be a different ball game.

  7. Mike, speaking of lies, why don't you report on all the unrest going on in the black community because people like you are championing illegal immigrants over the welfare of black American citizens? That is why there is a steady movement of black people to the Trump camp. No one who is working near the bottom of the educational socio-economic level wants the illegals. Ask any tradesman or every day black American male. I like a lot of things you talk about but the reason I stopped funding you is because you choose illegals over my people. AND by the way, black Americans are NOT immigrants!


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